5x Vintage Blazer Mystery Box (Unisex)
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5x Vintage Blazer Mystery Box (Unisex)

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Our Blazer Mystery Box will include 5 unique blazers hand selected by us, according to your desired style and taste. 

We will contact you after your purchase to find out what kind of styles you're looking into adding to your closet. 

Please note that due to blazers being vintage, not every blazer will b identical to what you're looking for but we will source the most similar. Colours may also vary. We will be in contact with you throughout the entire process. 

These are custom mystery boxes and are made by order, please allow 2 weeks to process, contact you and source before shipping your order. 

Kindly note that this is a big order and if you opt for Paxi as your shipping option, it will require a large Paxi bag.

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